Friday, February 20, 2015

Multiple Threat Winter Storm

Let's begin with the freezing rain threat.
An ice storm warning (see below) has been issued for central Tennessee, including Nashville.

Now, the eastern part of the snow storm.

Finally, the snow from the second low pressure system.

Here is a summary of the NWS warnings:
Deep purple is the ice storm warning. Pink is a winter storm warning. Blue is a winter weather advisory (lesser condition). Dark greens are winter storm watches, including the on in Texas which is for a potential freezing rain situation.

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  1. I live 20 miles west of Cleveland, last night nothing but cold, day before, a light .5 inch now gone.
    I use NOAA, and looking outside, best way to tell.
    TV weather covers mostly a general area and only scrscare stories of hos bad it will be, temps taken at Cleveland Hopkins airport, not here.


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