Saturday, April 19, 2014

A New Review of "Warnings"

Posted at the book review blog Reader Views:

I was hooked within the first five paragraphs of Mike Smith’s “Warnings.” 
A master at story telling, Smith takes the reader on a tumultuous reading adventure as he details the background, development, and aspirations the new science of storm warnings. He begins with an introduction to the science of meteorology, its history, present-day activity, and future goals….
Aerial shots and an amazing collection of photos, illustrations, graphics, charts, and drawings reinforce the impact of the narration and depict the unbelievable destruction left in the wake of the violence and fierceness of untamed nature and winds of tornado and hurricane force.
Mike Smith has a unique writing style that combines news reporting, editorializing, a genuine heart of empathy and compassion for the human interest story, and a genuine love for a lifetime career of scientific endeavor and public service.
Reminiscent of the movie “Twister” with the focus on storm chasers, “Warnings” is a remarkable account of the devastation left behind in storms covering a period of over 50 years with comprehensive coverage of the tragedy brought on by Katrina. This is story telling at its best, informational, and analytical. Mike Smith has created a work that is destined to become a favorite of layman and professional alike.
Warnings is available in hard cover or ebook. It makes a great book for the graduate, for Mom or for Dad.

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