Saturday, March 1, 2014

White House Attacks Roger Pielke, Jr.

Before we go any further, I want to state Roger is a friend of mine. He served on the board of directors of WeatherData, Inc., the company I founded before I sold it to AccuWeather, Inc. Roger is a self-identitifed "blue dog Democrat." Roger's integrity and expertise are unquestioned. Evidently, if there is one thing the Obama Administration dislikes more than conservatives pointing out the numerous weaknesses in the case for catastrophic global warming it is a Democrat doing the same thing.

The White House Science Advisor is Dr. John Holdren who has no background whatsoever in atmospheric science -- but that doesn't stop him from making ridiculous statements when it comes to meteorology and climate. To provide just one example, he stated the polar vortex was responsible for the recent extreme cold (wrong!) but then, in the same interview he said,

“The fact is that no single weather episode can either prove or disprove global climate change,” he said.
So, the recent cold was caused by global warming but that event wasn't caused by global warming. Understand? I sure don't. 

Apparently, the Obama Administration didn't care for Roger's recent testimony before Congress. Here is what the White House published yesterday. It is nothing more than a personal attack.

Roger's reply, in its entirety, is here. I urge you to read it as it is a concise summary of the state-of-the-science as it pertains the link, if any, between global warming and extreme weather. Roger closes his piece with:

 The bottom line here is that this is an extremely poor showing by the president's science advisor. It is fine for experts to openly disagree. But when a political appointee uses his position not just to disagree on science or policy but to seek to delegitimize a colleague, he has gone too far.

Combining this with Secretary of State Kerry's recent factually incorrect statements about global warming, it seems the Obama Administration both seeks to unfairly suppress dissenting views and is increasingly anti-science.

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