Sunday, April 7, 2013

Triple Tornado Threat!

While the February Hattiesburg tornado was a major storm, it received too-little attention from the national media. When you combine with relative lack of tornadoes so far in 2013 and the far below normal numbers in 2012, complacency can occur.

So, while the rain is desperately needed, time to pay attention to tornado risk if you live in the central United States. This is a three-day threat.


A localized threat if thunderstorms develop. Five percent is a significant threat when it comes to tornadoes.

There is also a threat of very large hail (hatched area). With hail, I consider 15% the significant threshold.


This is potentially a major tornado day in the hatched area.


This is the type of set up that, if it comes to fruition, gives meteorologists nightmares. More than thirty million people are in the threat area.
Please make sure your office and/or child's school has their tornado procedures in place if you live in these areas. Make sure your flashlight has batteries and that you have fresh batteries in your weather radio and/or commercial radio.

There will be full coverage of this on the blog, so please check back for updates.

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