UPDATE: 1:30PM Wednesday: The NWS has determined the Hazelwood tornado was EF-2 intensity.

Update: 10:31pm. Photo from St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Story here.

As you can see below, I live-blogged these storms. I have indicated when the tornado was in the area by adding bold print.

A bit of history: There was tornado that damaged Hazelwood on Good Friday (April), 2011. That storm was live-blogged here, also. One of the postings is here.


Radar at 8:18pm. The tornado warnings are indicated. This will be the last update on the St. Louis - Bi-State area situation.

Radar at 8:12pm. I've denoted the two tornadoes at that time with gray ovals. Arrows indicate areas of damaging winds.

Tornado had passed Hazelwood. 8:05pm radar. Northern tornado is not well-defined but damaging winds indicated by arrows. Still a southern circulation near Shrewsbury moving northeast toward downtown St. Louis.

Tornado was southwest of Hazelwood at this time. 7:56  Doppler radar data shows the tornado near Bridgeton. A second circulation has developed near Kirkwood with damaging winds possible. Very high winds (70+ mph gusts) indicated by arrows.

7:48pm using the Doppler wind data to locate the tornado. Is is moving northeast at 55 mph.
Chesterfield, St. Charles, Maryland Heights, St. Charles, Lambert, in the path.

Update: Radar from 7:41
Tornado is near the Missouri River (separating St. Louis and St. Charles counties) West of Wildwood. This is the Doppler wind data.

Tor nado moving toward Weldon Spring, St. Peters, St. Charles and far west Chesterfield. I-70 is in the path.

Tornado is located at arrow tip at 7:32pm moving NE at 55 mph.


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