Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Radar Forecast for This Afternoon and Evening

While the blizzard rages in the High Plains, the first thunderstorms are developing in Kansas and Oklahoma at 4-5pm CDT. Do not take the locations literally -- this is meant to be a general guide.

Two hours later, the storms are forecast to have rapidly intensified.

At 9pm, a line of thunderstorms is scattered from northwest Iowa through eastern Kansas to near Wichita Falls, TX. Meanwhile much-needed rain forms in the High Plains.

Finally, just before midnight, strong thunderstorms continue to move east while the extremely welcome rain continues to form and move NNE through the High Plains.
Again, use these as approximations.

Reminder for Wichita-area readers. The tornado sirens have been converted to be sounded in the path only! If you hear sirens, you are in the projected path of the tornado. Don't wait, take shelter.


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