Sunday, April 7, 2013

Major Storm in the West

National Weather Service
The purple in North Dakota and northeast Montana is a freezing rain advisory. The deep green from Utah to South Dakota and also in Montana is a winter storm watch for heavy snow and/or blizzard conditions.
Here is a preliminary forecast of snowfall amounts:
NWS, valid from 6am Monday to 6am Wednesday
The spot of magenta where Nebraska, Wyoming and South Dakota come together is 21 inches of snow! The first purple shade is 15 inches. The deep blue is six inches.

Two important points: Do not attempt to travel through the teeth of this (i.e. I-80) storm by car. Second, if you have travel plans through Denver (including just changing planes), I'd get on the phone to the airline to see if you can route around it. Here is my Airline Crisis Survival Guide.

The second point is this will be the only 'winter' storm posting today. My limited blogging time the rest of the day will be focused on the developing tornado threat.

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