Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hail Risk Today; Tornadoes Tomorrow

This is the area where large hail-producing thunderstorms are forecast for this afternoon and tonight. Tornado risk is low.

However, tomorrow looks like the first tornado and severe thunderstorm "outbreak" of 2013.
The hatched area is where violent tornadoes and very large hail (≥2") are forecast to occur. Tomorrow is a day when it will be important to keep up on the weather if you live in these areas.


  1. In regards to tomorrows outlook and reading this mornings discussions from TSA and SGF, I get the impression they are not completely on board with this SPC outlook just yet. Why even the local TV meteorologist last night in my community was more concerned with the probability of a heavy rain event.

  2. Hi Todd,

    I think in the Ozarks it may indeed primarily be heavy rain and hail depending on how far north the warm front moves. Note the outlook above does not take the hatched area to Branson and Springfield.



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