Fall is just around the corner!

The fashion industry isn't the only one to be planning ahead for fall. Yesterday, while Mike was out of town, I was on the road for Mike Smith Enterprises at the GoWichita Tradeshow in Topeka, Kansas. As Mike's marketing director, my job is to promote his two books, schedule personal appearances and speaking engagements. The Tradeshow was an event for Wichita to show up and show off for attracting events and new clients to look at what Wichita has to offer in the way of venues, attractions, guest speakers and hotels.

Mike's keynote speeches get rave reviews because every presentation is tailored to the specific interests of the audience and sponsoring organization. Because of Mike's 22 years in television, he brings a clarity and theatrical polish to the podium. Quick-witted, Mike speaks without notes and loves questions and answers.

If your group or organization could use Mike's speaking services please contact me now as his fall calendar is filling up. Leave your audience impressed and let Mike forecast success for your next event!


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