Evening Severe Weather Wrap-Up

I am going to call it a night now that the tornado danger is minimal.

Here is the AccuWeather Regional Radar at 9:20pm. The hailstorm along I-44 northeast of Springfield closed the highway it produced so much hail!

Here is a closeup of the hail storm north of Wichita, near Moundridge, at 9:23pm.

Earlier, I posted the photo below (via Facebook) of the hailstorm near Rush Center, Kansas. Photographer is Brandon Sullivan.

Here is video of the hailstorm as it was in progress.

There is a good chance of tornadoes in the Plains tomorrow. Please check back for updates. 


  1. Any thoughts on why the supercells that developed were mostly central KS and not more south near the KS/OK border?

  2. Yes, there was a stronger "cap" than I thought would exist. If you know how to read a Skew-T diagram, here it is for Lamont, OK which is on the KS-OK border southwest of Wichita at 7pm.



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