"A Must Read For Residents of Tornado Alley"

As a resident of Tornado Alley and a weather photographer, I was on the road tracking the storm that hit Joplin, Missouri. The loss of life was nothing short of staggering in our day and age of constant media, smart phones, text messaging and 24 hour news networks. How and why did so many lose their lives? In When the Sirens Were Silent Mike Smith answers this crucial question. If you live in any part of the United States that is prone to tornadoes, you must read this book. With a section that details steps you can take to be safer and more weather aware, Smith provides information that can help you make decisions for your family. Once again, Smith authors a work that is clear, concise and compelling.

You can see this 5-star review along with other information about the book here. The softcover edition has completely sold out. The ebook is available for the extremely reasonable price of $2.99. You do not need a Kindle to read it. All you have to do is download the (free) Amazon online reader.

"Sirens" is also available for the Nook. Click here. The price is still just $2.99.

Now that tornado season is fully underway, don't wait. The information in When the Sirens Were Silent might just save your life or the life of someone you love. 


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