Thursday, March 7, 2013

TSA: Knives OK. Shampoo Not.

TSA via "USA Today"
It has been a long time since I have blogged about the TSA because it is such an easy target and because there has been so much weather news. However, one of the stated goals of this blog is to keep readers the tools needed to mitigate significant risks.

I was on an airplane (naturally) reading the news Tuesday when I learned that the TSA is going to allow knives -- knives -- on planes while keeping the ban on shampoo and other liquids larger than 3.5 oz. In fact, as I was clearing security in Wichita for this trip, I watched the TSA confiscate a dreaded can of shave cream larger than the TSA's magic number from the man in front of me. This is idiocy, which is what we have come to expect from the TSA.

Okay, we have a sequester in progress because the federal government allegedly doesn't have enough money. Democrats and Republicans: Want to save money? Want to show bi-partisan sanity? Get rid of the TSA now! Turn it back over to the private sector as it was before September 11.

Did you know San Francisco, Kansas City, and fourteen other airports do not have the TSA? They still have private contractors. Somehow, the Republic is still functioning and airplanes are safely flying. According to this story, Washington-Dulles, Charlotte, and Minneapolis are considering "opting out."

Let's stop the "game of chicken" with the sequester and dump the entire TSA mess.

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