Mid-South Storms Now Firing/Tornados Continue Ohio Valley

This is looking more and more like April 27, 2011, I'm sorry to report....

Two damaging tornadoes are passing north of Louisville right now! Injuries and damage reported. This radar image is from 2:15pm


Meanwhile, new and intensifying thunderstorms are developing between Huntsville and Jackson. These will likely become tornadic in the next hour or so.  

The values of 6-7 of the tornado index in Kentucky are actually higher than the value for Greensburg!

Index values are now 2 and above in Alabama as the new storms continue to intensify. 

You will want to consider taking cover if a thunderstorm approaches. The map below shows the tornado warnings in red and the tornado watch in yellow. There will soon be so many tornado warnings they will be hard to keep track of. 

Blue is flash flood, amber is severe thunderstorm warnings.  Don't wait for the siren to go off! If a thunderstorm approaches and you are in one of these tornado watches go ahead and take cover!!


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