Ridiculous Report on ABC

Tonight's Dianne Sawyer Award for bad news reporting goes to tonight's ABC World News Tonight with Dianne Sawyer.

An ABC News reporter, Clayton Sandell, did a report about the warm winter in the U.S. and blaming the warm winter and the recent tornado outbreaks on -- you guessed it -- global warming.

Only one problem: Global temperatures were and are are below normal this winter!

The graph below clearly shows that global temperatures are below the long-term normal this winter -- how could they due to global "warming"?!

[caption id="attachment_7801" align="aligncenter" width="539" caption="University of Alabama Data, Satellite Sensed Global Temperatures"][/caption]

Amazingly bad reporting. Of course, it isn't journalism but advocacy disguised as news. 


  1. You give them too much credit. Laziness is more accurate. :)

  2. Sean, in this case I believe iit was intentional. The report originated in Denver, Colo. (in the snow while he was explaining how warm it has been). Denver is close to Boulder which is the home of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, a "hotbed" of global warming zealousness.

  3. Plus, since this winter has been much warmer than normal in most of the United States, it's easy for AMERICANS to be convinced that global warming is rampant. Most U.S. weather forecasts and maps focus strictly on the U.S. so it's easy to ignore or not be aware of weather conditions in Europe (where it has been extremely cold) and elsewhere.

  4. Can you post the source citation for the temperature graph you are displaying? I'd like to monitor that source myself, and look for further studies. Thank you!


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