Someone Should Write a Book on This Topic!

The Los Angeles Times giving the tornado warning system some much-deserved and rarely achieved credit for saving numerous lives.

There is a fascinating book on this very topic. Please check it out!


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  2. I'm curious about what happened in Charlotte, NC, early Saturday morning. There was an EF2 tornado around 3 am but apparently no warning or even watches issued for Mecklenburg and Cabarrus counties, where the tornado destroyed several houses, damaged over a hundred and injured 3 people. How does something like that happen? It seems like meteorologists are getting better everyday about forecasting and issuing relevant warnings. With the advances that have been made over the last few years, I've come to expect that I can rely on the latest forecasts and prepare accordingly when watches/warnings are issued (overall, I do think that's still the case, in spite of this miss). I went to bed Friday night after checking the weather--it looked like things would remain relatively quiet for the Charlotte area--and assured that my weather radio would wake me up if anything were to happen. And then I woke up Saturday morning and the first thing I saw in the paper was a story about an unexpected tornado. It's scary to think of something like that happening with no warning whatsoever. Looking at the pictures from the damage, it's amazing no one was seriously injured or killed (see for pics). How does something like this slip by and how often do you think it happens?

  3. Hi Jenny, thank you for the question. I'll do a blog post this evening on the subject.

  4. [...] reader Jenny asked (see comments) how the tornado in Charlotte could be missed. We’ve been having a similar controversy here [...]


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