Saturday, March 24, 2012

Exciting Way to Learn About Science

The Team America Rocketry Challenge has a contest for college scholarships and, by participating, you can learn a great deal about science and have a lot of fun. I loved shooting off rockets as a boy. However, you'll have to act fast as the deadline to sign up to participate is in ten days.

President Obama has supported this along with another science challenge for students recently and I want to congratulate him for doing so. It is vitally important to improve America's standing in science and math knowledge among our young people.

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  1. Actually, it is too late to sign up for this year. Registration for this contest is done in the fall each year (I don't know the exact registration deadline). The qualifying flights must be done in 10 days, but you needed to have been registered and working on this for a while now. But, yeah, if you are a kid, have kids, are a teacher of kids, this is a good program and you might consider seeing if you can get a team together for next year.



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