The Global Warming End Days?

Many times I have asked if the behavior of the pro-global warming forces in recent years has been that of people confident in the validity of their position. A superb essay about the end of the global warming movement in the continuing aftermath of Fakegate:

The NY Times, with all its resources, went into print on it using several reporters and didn’t once get in touch with the Heartland Institute, not even to get a quote. The DeSmogBlog published within an hour of receipt, again, with absolutely no attempt to verify the material. They abandoned all pretence of journalistic professionalism, because they thought they’d finally found that elusive big target they’d always believed in and hunted so desperately and proceeded to flatten it with all their firepower...

"Big target" in this context is the money from "big oil" or other bogeyman that people like me are supposedly receiving. Most of the pro-GW people work for universities, foundations, or the government, so they don't understand how individuals can afford to do independent research. So, they assume there is a sinister organization behind us calling the shots. 

From any rational viewpoint, Fakegate has turned out to be a disastrous event for the alarmists. When you’re patently losing a battle, you withdraw to conserve your forces to fight another day. Amazingly, they would rather battle on into a self-immolating quagmire of expensive litigation than simply admit they were wrong. It shows a childish petulance that plays exactly into the realist’s hands, who are clever enough to let them get on with it, needing nothing more than the odd prod to encourage their defiance. At some point in the not too distant future, the realists know the people who own those media outlets and employ those journalists, are going to get fed up of writing libel damage cheques to cover the self-righteous crusading of a few prima donna hacks.

When that happens, the remaining elements of the media supportive of the good ship global warming will jump overboard, leaving nobody but a few crazed political activists and bemused scientists on the burning deck. It was always doomed to end that way.

What should have been no more than a tactical loss, has now been mismanaged into a strategic disaster that continues to get bigger with every passing day. 

I used to be able to predict what they’d do but that’s become impossible of late. All reason has fled. There’s a real feeling of April 1945, Berlin, der Fuhrerbunker and its mad occupants, barking unrealistic orders down phones and moving long ago destroyed units around on maps, as if it really meant something. It’s all basically becoming more and more hysterical and irrational.

Please click on the link and read the entire essay.  


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