This Tornado Video is Fascinating

There is a lot of tornado video out there these days, which I view as unfortunate due to the now four incidents in the last twelve months where people have been injured or killed shooting video of storms. A lot of the video -- including much of it labeled "incredible" -- is not very good. So, it is infrequent that you see video that is worth viewing. These are worth viewing.

I'm posting these videos because I believe they make an important point: You will likely be injured if you stay outside as a tornado approaches, even if the tornado appears not to be on the ground. The first video of the West Liberty, KY tornado (March 2) shows good rotation but the tornado, at least at times, does not appear to be on the ground. You can hear doubt about whether they are in danger expressed by the male voice.

At least part of the reason there is confusion is because the cloud does not seem to extend all the way to the ground. FYI: That doesn't matter. If the rotating winds reach the ground, it is a tornado. You can even hear the sound of the tornado (loudly at :55) yet some of them seem to perceive they are not in danger!

Here is the video of the tornado doing damage, even without much sign of the condensation cloud. These are from security cameras. 

Even though things appear "clear" (i.e., it is not particularly cloudy or ominous-looking), debris that would seriously injure you from an F-3 tornado goes flying through the air. 

If you watch long enough (there are multiple scenes), you see a home set on fire by the tornado. 

[caption id="attachment_7996" align="aligncenter" width="395" caption="House on fire with smoke billowing can be seen at upper left."][/caption]

The lesson from all of this is to take shelter during a tornado warning. 


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