5.6 magnitude earthquake centered 40 mi. ENE of Oklahoma City this evening. It was felt at our home in Wichita to the north and in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex to the south. There is a report of some minor damage in southern Kansas but the extent is unknown at this time.

The 5.6 is the strongest earthquake in the history of Oklahoma. A 5.2 occurred near Prague (pronounced PRAY-ga) this morning.

UPDATE: Just got a reliable report that it was felt in St. Louis.

UPDATE 3: Lincoln Co. (OK) emergency management says "significant" damage there.

the "eyes" have it
UPDATE 2: Kirk Herbstreit, in Stillwater covering the Kansas State-OSU game, feels the earthquake live. As Chris "Boomer" Berman would say, LETS GO TO THE TAPE!

UPDATE 4: KJRH TV, Tulsa, reports from Lincoln Co.:

Lincoln County Emergency Management is reporting significant damage in the southern parts of the county.  In some cases chimneys have collapsed through the roofs of homes.  Damage to the Prague library includes collapsed air condition ducts and a collapsed wall.

Several roadways have buckled, including Highway 62 and other county roads.

UPDATE 5: Here is a map from the U.S. Geological Survey that is color coded by the amount of ground shaking that could be felt. The lighter greens and yellows are areas where damage may have occurred.

UPDATE 6: USGS has reports of the earthquake being felt more than 1,000 miles away.
Click here to see the list. 

UPDATE 7 (and last): Just got a Tweet asking me what I thought about earthquake insurance. I have it. While it is inexpensive, it has a large deductible. Nevertheless, Kathleen and I think it is worth it because we  don't want to have to completely finance a major rebuilding of our home. The cost versus benefit seems positive to us. 

Welcome new readers! When things calm down, please feel free to look around the blog. 


  1. That's funny right there! Enjoyed Larry Hatteburg's handling of it while KAKE was on the news live. He's such a pro, but you could tell it rattled him a little bit.

  2. 20 seconds or so in Murphysboro, Illinois! Enough to get my nerves up enough to go outside... can't peel myself away from the computer reading all the coverage, clips, tweets, and facebook messages! Kirk handled it much better then I would!


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