Irene: Getting Better Organized

Irene's appearance on satellite has improved* significantly the last two hours. The eye has reappeared and I believe the storm is starting to strengthen.

AccuWeather has a good update on the storm. I agree with my colleagues that I-95 from Philadelphia to NYC and southern New England are threatened by the storm and preliminary precautions should be considered. It is too soon to tell the exact path, but AccuWeather and the National Hurricane Center's 11pm EDT forecast are nearly identical:

I'll be talking more about Irene on "Coast to Coast AM" in two hours.

* In Warnings, I talk about how, in these situations, meteorologists' language inverts. For example, "Hurricane Irene is looking better," when spoken by a meteorologist means Irene is getting stronger. A "normal" person would express the same thought as, "Hurricane Irene is looking worse."


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