Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene's Aftermath

Here is a map of the amount of rain that has fallen with Irene, but it does not include rain that fell after 8am:
White = 20" or more, purple = 15" or more up to 8am EDT this morning.
A record stage is near Gilboa Dam and the town of Prattsville that "unimaginable" flooding is occurring. A reporter with Fox News is reportedly trapped along with the people in the area. More of this is going to occur the next few days.

The river is expected to break the record crest by three feet!

Flights are reportedly a mess. Here is my popular Airline Crisis Guide.

ADDITION at 6:30pm CDT. Power failures are affecting roughly 15,000,000 people. Restoration efforts are just now getting underway in the Carolinas but more are losing power in New England with the remains of Irene.

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