The Biggest Day in the History of This Blog

From Mindy and me, thank you to everyone who has come to the blog for what is already the all-time record day in terms of page views.

I also want to thank other bloggers from Andrew Sullivan/Daily Beast to Glenn Reynolds/Instapundit to my colleagues at AccuWeather who have linked to the blog.

Because, if the stats are right, we have more than 3,000 entirely new readers today, let me get you caught up.  The blog is sponsored by Mike Smith Enterprises, LLC. In addition to my "day job" as Senior Vice President at AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions, I do professional speaking on disaster mitigation, global warming, and science as it applies to business. My entire career is devoted to saving lives and property when extreme weather threatens. There is a list of dates of presentations at the top of the MSE home page.

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I am the author of Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather. There are reviews at the link.

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Finally, I Twitter @usweatherexpert.

While you are here, please look around. Thank you for visiting!!


  1. Mike, can you please explain how Irene would not lose strength as it goes over land? I thought hurricanes were powered by warm water. Thanks.

  2. We are forecasting it to lose strength over land. However, there is very little "land" in the vicinity of the North Carolina barrier islands. It is almost all warm water with a few strands of narrow land in between. So, we are only forecasting about 5 mph of weakening due to land interaction at that point.


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