Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another Stage Collapse

I'm speechless. Is there no learning?! Another four people dead in a stage collapse.

Europe has very sophisticated meteorological services including radar, etc.


  1. Yes, but how well are warnings disseminated? Here in Estonia for example you pretty much have to rely on what you can grab from the web because there will not be live media coverage. For example there was severe thunderstorm outbreak this summer and public radio's host on air was completely out of touch from the latest weather info. Instead of reporting a la "according to EMHI the storm is currently over county X and last hour a wind gust of Y was reported. People in area Z should be especially careful within next hour", they basically sticked with wire reports. I could get far more timely info from Internet than from broadcast media as the situation unfolded. If there are any readers from Central Europe here, I myself would love to hear how well are warnings disseminated. But I think the assumption that "all dangerous storms happen in America" could also be an issue.

  2. Thank you, Tarmo. Yes, any readers in Europe: Welcome and please comment.