Saturday, August 27, 2011

5pm Update

There are only two things I'd like to update you on as of the present time, both from the National Hurricane Center:

  • They have upped their peak rainfall amount to 20". If amounts anywhere near this large occur, major flooding is likely. 
  • More so than with most storms…the winds with Irene increase sharply with height above the surface. As Irene moves through areas with high-rise structures…these structures will experience significantly stronger winds than indicated by the advisory intensity [which is a forecast of ground-level winds]. Winds at the 30-story level will likely be 20 percent higher than at the surface…and winds 80-100 stories up could be about 30% stronger than at the surface. 
The rest of the update below is still valid. 

Here is the storm at 5pm Eastern via AccuWeather radar:

and, here is an experimental wind forecast valid at 2am EDT:

Finally, a tornado watch continues until 8pm:
Stay hunkered down if you are in the path of Irene.

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