This Looks Serious

Just took a look at the latest computer model and it increasingly looks like the scenario I outline two posts below is going to play out. Perhaps even a little farther west. NYC is in certainly in play at this point.

Take a look here and here and get started.  Things like getting your prescriptions refilled now and buying at least one power inverter (Radio Shack) and keeping the car filled with gasoline will cost little to nothing and will put you that much farther ahead if/when (and, more and more, it is looking like "when") warnings are issued.

This is especially true if you have a medical condition (i.e., insulin needing cooling, wear a CPAP at night) the requires electricity to manage. If I'm right about this storm, there will be areas that will be without power for two weeks or more. Keeping in mind that it takes electricity for the local service station to pump gas, have you thought about how you will manage? What about that elderly relative across town?

I'd LOVE to be wrong!! But, some planning and action now will pay off handsomely if this storm comes to pass.


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