Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to Prepare for Aftershocks

Via Facebook, I was asked by reader Reynolds: Can you give us info regarding aftershocks (to the earthquake) and how to prepare?

Excellent question:
  • Other than collapse, the biggest danger in an earthquake is fire. Walk around your home or business now and sniff for gas. Exit immediately if you smell gas. 
  • If you do not smell gas, there is a chance of a gas leak or rupture if an aftershock occurs. Make sure you have fresh batteries in your smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, and your home fire extinguisher is charged and near your bed. 
  • Take fragile or precious objects off high shelves and put them in drawers or sturdy furniture or on the flood where nothing (including light fixtures) will fall on them. You don't want anything "top heavy" as it will likely fall in a significant earthquake, original or aftershock. 
The good news is that aftershocks, while likely, are rarely as strong as the original quake.

Thanks for the question!

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