News From AccuWeather: WeatherData's Name Has Changed

Thirty years ago next week, I formed a little company called WeatherData, Inc. That company was innovative and successful and so the business grew. In 2006, I sold the company to AccuWeather, Inc. but stayed on to run WeatherData and become part of AccuWeather's senior management team.

Today, AccuWeather announced WeatherData and all of its commercial services are being grouped under a new umbrella: AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions, Inc. 

As you can imagine, the change is a little bittersweet for me personally and for Kathleen, but it is the right business decision. Nothing about the Wichita AccuWeather office is changing but the name. We still have our strong committment to innovation and excellent service.

Next week, I'll post some thoughts on WeatherData's 30th anniversary (August 31) about what it is like to start a company and keep it in business for 30 years. You might find it interesting.


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