Hail Spike in Iowa

In this posting I explained last month how a hail spike on radar was a near 100% indicator of large hail. We have one (arrow) on the radar in eastern Iowa right now.

This image was captured at 6:29pm CDT and the largest hail was falling between East Amana and Homestead, Iowa (circled).

UPDATE: 2" diameter hail confirmed 2 mi. south of Amana, exactly where the radar indicated.


  1. My Mom, who will be 90 years young this May, has always told me that storms like this in Iowa will be in Chicago( and the home she was born and raised in) just after midnight. My Mom is the one that piqued my interest in storms when I was young. So far she has been right on in her predictions.
    Debbie ( North Texas)

  2. I watched this storm build to my SW from Norway (7.5mi N of Amana). I could see the heavy precip. and hail to the south as it passed. We only had 1/2" hail. I will get to see if there was any damage at work in Amana tomorrow.


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