Monday, February 15, 2010

The Phil Jones Interview, Wrap Up

If you read the entire interview, congratulations on your tenacity.

I have a few wrap-up comments.  Perhaps because of his suspension from his position at CRU, Dr. Jones has had three months of contemplation, which -- judging from his comments in the interview -- appear to have been helpful. While I disagree with a number of his specifics, the interview reveals a scientist I or any other scientist could sit down with, have a cup of coffee and a reasonable discussion regarding these important issues. I don't believe that would have been possible prior to Climategate.

I have previously stated that some good will likely come out of this mess. And that is that the "skeptics" (I dislike that term) have seen their concerns validated and will be more likely to engage in constructive dialog.  And, the "warmists" (I dislike that term) have learned that hubris is an especially distasteful character trait in a scientist and will be more likely to engage in constructive dialog.

If we can get both sides talking and working together, that could be a very good thing!

The one thing that this has again revealed is the self-censorship of the U.S. media on the topic of the various scandals involving the "settled science" of global warming since Climategate broke. When even the liberal London papers are running front page exposes, and the media in Canada, Australia, India, and other nations are providing extensive coverage, the silence of the U.S. media calls into question whether they wish to be conveyors of news or whether they wish to be advocates.

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