Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Barbara Boxer, Part II

If you go to the link below, you will hear Barbara Boxer talk about hurricanes. She says,

• In last 30 years, annual sea surface temperatures in the main Atlantic hurricane development region increased 2°F, coinciding with an increase in the destructive energy of Atlantic tropical storms and hurricanes. 

Here is the latest study on the subject of hurricanes and global warming.  You can read the highlights at Roger Pielke, Jr.'s blog.  It says the same thing as previous studies:  There is no increase in number or intensity of hurricanes. 

Senator Boxer was 0 for 2.

As previously stated, I dislike politics and I resist blogging about it. That said, it would be nice if politicians of both sides could get the elementary science correct or, if that is asking too much, refrain from pontificating about it. The global warming debate is difficult enough for the average person to follow without having to sort through politicians misstating elementary science and scientific studies.

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