Friday, February 26, 2010

Take That, Dave Barry!!

I'm sure you have been reading about how Dave Barry has timed the May 4th release of his new book to coincide with the May 1st release of Warnings no doubt to piggy back on our publicity to get people into book stores.  Then you learned that Dave is following me to the American Society of Industrial Security Convention!

Tonight, Kathleen said, "I wonder how your book is selling compared to Dave's?"  So, I went to Amazon.  Right now Warnings is #94,824 and Dave's I'll Mature When I'm Dead is 198,355. In other words, Warnings is more than 100,000 places ahead of Dave!  Now, I understand why he is trying to "tag along." 

UPDATE, 8:52am Saturday:  Warnings Sales Rank: #82,222 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)

Dave Barry: Sales Rank: #210,746 in Books 

Note: I am NOT saying Warnings is 128,524 times better than Dave's book. It does increasingly look like I will be buying him bar-b-que at the Convention (see link above).

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