Saturday, September 15, 2018


According to news reports, four people have
been killed in flash flooding in separate automobile 
incidents this afternoon in North Carolina

If you believe "it won't happen to you," please watch this video courtesy of Chris Novy.

The only reason Chris was able to escape is because there was a concrete liner and his windshield shattered (you see it in the video and the water rushing in). Had it not shattered, Chris would have died.

This a screen capture from a few minutes ago. It is from a live video from Mike Scantlin. You see Reed Timmer photographing a hole next to U.S. 17 in North Carolina. That hole (purple) was created by erosion from the floodwaters across the highway. Mike and Reed are talking, "This road should be closed!"* Why?
But, look at the red arrow. That is pavement being washed away. Usually, the washing out occurs under the pavement and toward the top. It is possible that large parts of the highway could washout at any time.

That is why it is so dangerous to drive into a flooded area with flowing water. You don't know whether there is pavement under you!

Don't end up like the driver below (photo courtesy WJLA TV).

*I'm sure the road will be closed as soon as North Carolina officials can get to it. There is major flooding all over the state (scroll down). 

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