Instead of Propoganda, THIS is What NOAA Should Be Focusing On

In the posting below (scroll down), I comment about the latest bad science from NOAA pertaining to global warming. 

Propaganda is one thing. This is a truly important issue:

The cost of fixing the bandwidth problem is a trivial one-time expenditure of $1.5 million. Of course, disseminating data, forecasts and warnings for the public is the core mission of the National Weather Service. "Limiting key data" should be the last choice among the options available to it. 

I worked with the National Weather Service, almost daily, for 47 years. They are the very best bargain in the federal government. But, the NWS has two increasingly serious challenges:

  • The NWS's culture has always been one of, "we want to be all things to all people." As is usually inevitable in organizations with that mindset, they are failing. And, the increasingly serious problems multiply by the day (e.g., see this post about radars from November 21). We are going to be lucky if there isn't a catastrophic failure that costs lives. The next administration must find a strong leader (as opposed to the research scientists they have typically chosen) to run the agencies. If they appoint a scientist, it should be from meteorology or atmospheric scientist. We haven't had a weather scientist to run the agency for 46 years!
  • One of the reasons the NWS and NOAA have been held in high regard is that they have competently done their jobs and have -- generally -- stayed out of politics. Unfortunately, that is changing
Regardless of whom ends up running NOAA, these are vital issues that must be addressed quickly and competently. 


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