Global Warming Garbage

The Twitter and other outlets today (including the Today Show, above) have been communicating propaganda pertaining to disasters and global warming. I suspect this has something to do with the (likely) Biden Administration doing battlespace preparation for the Green New Deal or for appointing a catastrophic global warming advocate as head of the agency, or both. The easiest way to raise support is by telling people the boogeyman is going to get them in terms of a disaster destroying their home. 

Except it isn't true. Not even close. 

NOAA, an organization which often does good things, has plunged into the global warming morass. One of the many ways is these preposterous yearly 'Billion Dollar Disasters" that are nothing of the sort. 

The 2011 Joplin Tornado was a billion dollar disaster. The 2020 Corn Belt Derecho was a $7.5 billion-dollar disaster. "Central and Eastern Severe May, May 3-5" is not. 

Throwing different types of storms storms from different parts of the nation over a three day period does not a billion disaster make. 

When one looks at total disasters, worldwide, and adjusts them for national wealth, then an entirely different picture emerges. Economic disaster effects are lessening and deaths are way, way down (not shown). 

Dr. Roger Pielke, Jr. 

Global warming is a problem. But, bastardizing science isn't the way to solve it. That just breeds cynicism and division. 


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