Winter Storm Forecast for Central Great Plains

This is my current forecast with regard to the early-season winter storm forecast for the Great Plains. There will be wind gusts in the 20-25 mph range so travel conditions Wednesday night could be very poor in the heavier snow area.

From the Kansas Gyp Hills to the adjacent counties in northwest Oklahoma, as much as 10-12 inches could fall if it gets cold enough, soon enough. There could be gusts to 30 mph there -- so, travel is strongly discouraged tomorrow night and Thursday morning. 

Please note that areas near or just northwest of the Kansas Turnpike/I-35 will be in the tight gradient as to snowfall amounts. If it gets slightly colder, amounts could be as much as 4-6 inches but I think it is more likely we will received 2-3 inches. 

From the National Weather Service (updated 4:30pm):

  • Pink = winter storm warning.
  • Green = winter storm watch.
  • Blue = winter weather advisory (a lesser condition). 

I will update this forecast Wednesday morning. 


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