Major Winter Storm on Tap for Central United States

Via AccuWeather, here is a summary of the winter storm watches and warnings. 

Extreme snows are forecast for southwest Texas where more than a foot is expected to fall. This will cause extreme travel difficulties as the region is not used to dealing with this much snow. 

Farther north, a major snow and ice storm is likely. 

Freezing Rain - Ice Storm 

These are major ice accumulations. When combined with the wind (see below), power failures are likely in addition to extreme travel difficulties. Safety suggestions will be found below, also.

Heavy Snow

There will be drifting snow which will make travel difficult. Recommend traveling before the storm arrives or waiting until crews have cleared the roads. 


This map is the peak gust from 3am Friday (New Year's Day) to 11am Friday. Given the ice accumulation on power lines, the wind will cause power failures. I'll have more on the power failures between 5:30 and 6pm as more data arrives. Also, in the snow areas, near blizzard conditions may occur. 

Preparation Suggestions

  • Get extra cash from the ATM. 
  • If you have a friend or relative that must have electricity (i.e., for a medical device), move them in with you before the storm begins. 
  • Get any prescriptions refilled now. 
  • Fill your car with fuel before the storm begins. Gas pumps don't work without power. Electric vehicles go without saying. 
  • If you have a chain saw or snow blower, fill them with fuel now. 
  • Do not use a generator indoors -- not even in the garage. Nearly have of the fatalities caused by Cat 4 Hurricane Laura were not from the wind. They were in connection with generators. 
  • Charge your laptop and smartphone before the storm begins. Disconnect them once the power starts failing (power surges can damage them).
Please take this storm seriously and prepare accordingly. 


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