Sunday Fun: A Vaccine, Mary Poppins and a Terrific Song

 This piece is inspired by a tweet that came through on my feed Friday evening:

"Uncle Dick," I deduced, was Richard Sherman who, with his brother Bob (Jsher = Jeffery Sherman, son of Bob), were Disney's Holland-Dozier-Holland. The two wrote the incredible score of Mary Poppins. The story of how Mary Poppins was made was told in a terrific movie, Saving Mr. Banks. 

The first polio vaccine was the (actually superior) Salk vaccine. But, it required a shot. The Sabin vaccine was taken orally. In our era, it was put by eyedropper into a cube of sugar. It is that experience that inspired the song "A Spoonful of Sugar."

Here is Richard Sherman, at piano, performing the song with Jason Schwartzman who played Richard and B.J. Novak who played Robert. 

And, here is a fun Saving Mr. Banks extra about the music of Mary Poppins.


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