Global Warming: "Good Grief"!!

No, I am not referring to Charlie Brown but to the 
"Good Grief Network" and its nonsense about global warming.

While human beings' mental health is always a tricky subject, the scientific facts indicate setting up a mental health network that is focused on "planetary crisis" is not justified by the scientific facts. 

Mourning about Global Warming

If some people weren't apparently suffering, this whole topic would be silly. Why?

  • With our warmer climate, as compared to 60 years ago, we have many fewer major tornadoes.
  • With the tornado warning system, we have cut the death rate from tornadoes by 95%!
  • Hurricanes are not getting worse. 
  • Worldwide weather disaster fatality rates are a tiny fraction of what they were a century ago.
  • Agricultural production is way, way up and famines have almost become a thing of the past.
Given the above, there is absolutely no rational reason to be seriously upset about global warming and it causing harm to agriculture or any other aspect of our society in the foreseeable future. 

Who is to blame for sowing these fears? Most directly, it is dishonest politicians and scientists who are benefitting by grossly exaggerating the negative effects of a warmer climate. A close second goes to the mainstream media for unquestionably publishing this nonsense. 

We are living with COVID, election fraud, and a number of important issues that weigh on peoples' minds. When thinking about weather and climate....
  • If you live in Louisiana, it is rational to be apprehensive about hurricanes. A fear of hurricanes is not rational if you live in Nebraska. 
  • If you live in Oklahoma, it is rational to fear the remote possibility of an unwarned tornado in the middle of the night. That is not a rational fear in Idaho. 
  • Giving to the Salvation Army to assist the victims of this year's hurricanes is rational. Losing sleep over global warming is not. 
  • I recommend mental health professionals empathetically present these facts as part of any therapy -- rather than "metabolizing collective grief" (their words) -- when it comes to helping people overcome irrational fears. 


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