Short Forecast Update

Here is the satellite photo from 12:07pm. Due to this morning's showers and thunderstorms, a temperature boundary has developed in the area dashed in blue. The current temperature is 57° at Pratt, Kansas and 76° at Gage, Oklahoma. There is an narrow band of very unstable air moving north from western Oklahoma into the area between Gage and Pratt.

While other areas will have thunderstorms -- possibly severe -- this is the area where I expect concentrated strong thunderstorms to develop this afternoon. So, my reasoning for my forecast (below) is unchanged. Note: This is not a huge tornado situation but the risk is high enough to keep an eye on the weather after about 3pm if you are in the areas indicated in the posting below.

On many Mother's Days, Kathleen and I (and the kids) have taken a drive to pretty areas and we are going to do that this afternoon. I will update a time or two if I can find a Wi-Fi connection. But, the better way to keep track is on Twitter @usweatherexpert.


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