Dangerous Tornado Situation Shaping Up!

If you live in the areas outlined below, I urge you to pay attention to the weather this afternoon and tonight. If you have an infirm friend or relative, especially if they need extra time to get to shelter, please make sure they are taken care of now, before the storms develop.
Remember, the significant threshold for a tornado is 5%, so the risk extends south into the Texas Big Bend. In the areas around Kansas, the hatching indicates there is a risk for strong tornadoes like the one we saw last night in northern Kansas.

A personal favor: While I was chasing near Dodge City Monday, I had friends sending me emails about what they believe was poor coverage from The Weather Channel and elsewhere. Please don't send me anything during a major storm situation that doesn't pertain to the storm and my role in it. There is nothing I can do about The Weather Channel or others during a storm.

In addition to the tornado serious tornado threat, giant hail is likely.
The threshold for large hail is 15% (yellow). Hatching means hail larger than two inches.


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