New Review: "When the Sirens Were Silent"

A new reader review was posted earlier this month at Amazon. It was from a survivor of the Joplin tornado. In part, it says,

I just read an accurate description of what I experienced that day.
By DiHof on May 16, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Mr. Smith's timeline and reporting of the warnings received is spot-on. The book is a short read but it makes his points clearly understandable. My son and I are alive because of my own gut instinct that came from living in Joplin since I was nine. Joplin emergency management nor the NWS played any role...

This is a well written book and I encourage anyone who is concerned about the risks of tornados or who, like myself, is still trying to put together the pieces of what happened to us that day to read.
The full review is here.

Tragically, many people have had trouble coming to grips with what really occurred in Joplin that day, what went wrong, and how to make sure it never occurs again.


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