Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Update on Winter Storms

Midwest Storm:

First, let me state that a winter weather advisory (dark blue) is in effect now in south central and eastern Kansas due to freezing drizzle. Multiple accidents have occurred on the Kansas Turnpike due to the slick conditions.
Elsewhere, the winter weather advisories are for snow. The pink is a winter storm warning for more than 4 inches of snow. Here are amounts from AccuWeather:

Here is the timing:

East Coast Storm:

On the East Coast, the concern is a major winter storm with blizzard conditions beginning Friday.

Here is the most likely area for heavy snow (≥4") one Friday:

And, the heavy snow area on Saturday:

Total snow amounts will likely be greater than 12" in places with winds gusting above 35 mph. This will shut down transportation, so plan accordingly.

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