Blizzard and Tornado "Heads Up"

With the new emphasis in the blog, we will no longer live blog storms nor provide daily storm coverage (scroll down for the details). However, we will provide "heads up" for major events.

It looks like one of those major events will occur next week.

Yes, blizzard. In addition to very heavy snowfalls in Kansas and Colorado, winds will gust to 55 mph in some areas.


I do plan another update or two late Sunday and/or Monday. In the meantime, if you live in these areas plan according. Additional details are available from AccuWeather.


  1. Thanks Mike - these posts are really very helpful. I live within 10 miles of the Washington IL tornado (just over the river really) and it was due to this blog I was watching out for the storms when they hit. I'm glad this feature will stay.

  2. Thank you, Delurm! Your comment made my day.


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