Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mid-Atlantic Travel Tips

If you should need to get to DC Metro, Richmond or Baltimore before Monday night plan to arrive before noon Friday. After that time, the (highly likely) blizzard will shut down all modes of travel. The snow will fall at least into late Saturday afternoon (perhaps longer) and with wind gusts above 35 mph, travel will likely be shut down at least into Monday.

If you need to travel to the East Coast, I urge you to read my airline crisis survival guide.


  1. Are our medium range forecast models that good given limited samples? Lots of weather sites are going hog-wild on this storm - which surprises me given a) the storm just came onshore to CA today and b) there hasn't been 2 runs with more sample points then we get with storms out in the Pacific.

    This will be a good test to do regression on the 48/72 hr model runs.

  2. I don't think this site has gone "hog wild" at all. Even if "only" six inches were to fall in DC, getting there before noon Friday avoids a high probability flight cancellations at Reagan with its short runways.

  3. Mike - your site hasn't gone "hog wild" yet. Others have.


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