A "Ban" on Spending Money for Global Warming Research??!!

I was reading an article at the Huffington Post and the comments section featured a jaw-dropping comment:
So, a "ban" on the federal government spending money on global warming research? What about the billions of dollars NOAA, NASA and NSF are spending???

This allows me to make a much bigger and more import point: Not only is the federal government lavishly funding climate research (at the expense of funding improved weather forecasting and storm warnings, a far more important priority), the big money is on the pro-catastrophic global warming side.
That's right, huge dollars: Worldwide, more than a third of a trillion dollars in a single year!

The propaganda that Exxon, the Kochs, etc., etc., etc., are preventing money from being spent on climate is an example of a "big lie" -- a huge deceit that is so audacious they hope no one will question it.

While on the subject of a big lie, last week, from the Paris talks, there were many articles about how island nations like the Maldives are going to be flooded and rendered unlivable by global warming. One of the many articles is here.

Here is the truth: Numerous international hotel developers are spending huge dollars to put in luxury hotels -- on the beaches!
As best I can tell, about a dozen new hotels have either opened or have been announced in the last two years. Do you really believe these sophisticated investors would be spending billions if they thought catastrophic global warming was a crisis??

Meanwhile, the scientific case for catastrophic global warming, already weak, has just about fallen apart.


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