Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"When the Sirens Were Silent"

We are well into 2015 tornado season. There is a pretty good chance of tornadoes in the southern Plains tomorrow (coverage, if needed, will begin here Wednesday morning).

I had a conversation with an emergency manager friend of mine Monday. He asked me about additional print copies (long sold out) of When the Sirens Were Silent. He commented:
Please do not take this as a criticism of emergency managers. What my friend meant is that too many have a hard time imagining how so much can go wrong so fast during a looming catastrophe. Sirens explains, in gripping prose, the chain of events that lead to the horrific tragedy of 161 deaths.

The book is not just directed toward emergency managers. As two survivors wrote:

"Whew, I just read it. Heart racing!!" --Denise Neil

"Great work! Its informative and entertaining. I was anxious while reading it and I had to continue to remind myself that I already knew the outcome." --Jaime Green

Or, as a Barnes & Noble reviewer wrote:

When the Sirens Were Silent reviews in chilling minute-by-minute detail what the meteorologists, media, and citizens did right and seriously wrong, leading to the Joplin tornado's high death toll. Smith also gives simple, smart advice on how to build a safe plan for families, schools, and businesses. It's a must-read for anyone living in Tornado Alley ...

So, if you are looking for a concise (68 pages), well-priced ebook ($2.99) to help you focus on keeping your family, business and yourself safe in dangerous weather: This may be the book for you.

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