Monday, April 20, 2015

A Beneficial Side to Global Warming? Horrors!

After making it clear she can't "endorse" climate change, we learn it may be (net) a good thing,

This is no endorsement of climate change — let’s make that clear — but rising temperatures are breathing new life into northern agriculture. Farm economists say that the net result will be a vast expansion in America’s food-growing capability.

While can't allow any talk that global warming is good, the author of this opinion piece, notes
As for New England, the hope is that some centuries-old farms will become profitable, as well as picturesque. Agriculture never disappeared there, but it had to concentrate on dairy products and niche crops, such as cranberries and wild blueberries. Warmer weather opens new possibilities. For example, peaches may become a commercial crop in Maine.
A paper out of Brandeis University predicts that by 2030, the New England region could have three times as much farmland as it does now, thanks to warmer weather. Should that happen, New England may end up producing half its food.
Which brings us to the concept of food miles. For more than a decade, agricultural scholars have marveled at a national system of food distribution that ships California vegetables thousands of miles to eastern cities where the same things could easily grow a few miles away.
One famous study at Iowa State University’s Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture found that carrots consumed at Iowa institutions traveled an average 1,800 miles from the conventional source (California). Had they been grown in Iowa, the average trip would have been 27 miles.

The author feels obliged to state again,
Again, climate change is not something to celebrate, including in places seeing opportunity in it.

After all, can't be allowed to be politically incorrect, regardless of what the science says.

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