The Amazing Science of Weather; Part 1

In 2010, Greenleaf Book Group published my first book, Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather. "Tamed the weather?!" What a crazy concept! Meteorologists are the guys on television who are "lucky to keep their jobs when they are wrong all of the time!"

Warnings has changed the minds of a lot of people (it has a 5-star rating!). Thousands, yes, thousands of lives are saved in tornadoes, hurricanes and the prevention of airline accidents each year. I made the point that the book could not have been written even five years earlier, the pace of improvement in weather science was so quick. I am happy to report the breathtaking progress continues.

Maps Posted Between Noon and 1pm Tuesday

Map Posted 12:06am Wednesday

Take a look at this map. Karen, which hadn't formed yet, more than three days before landfall. A day and a half before the snow and wind. Almost two days before the tornadoes.

Unusual, likely record, early season snow storm. Out-of-season tornado outbreak. Tropical storm. All of the threats nailed in plenty of time for the public and businesses to mitigate their effects. The forecasts just got better and better and more and more specific.

This is part one. In part two, I'm going to show you some brand new tools that will show you how we can save even more lives and money.


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