Update on Hurricane Phailin Moving Toward India

Here is both the latest forecast and the satellite image from 4:30pm CDT.
Forecast path and intensity. Gusts to 170 mph are possible along with a giant storm surge.

The path up till now (white = tropical storm, orange = hurricane). The latest eye position is just left of the red hurricane symbol.
Keep in mind that in the Indian Ocean they are called "Cyclones" = Hurricane. Don't be confused by the news coverage of the disaster.

There is virtually no chance the storm will weaken before landfall. It may strengthen. A major storm surge along and north of where the center crosses the coast. Heavy rain will cause major river flooding.

The last hurricane in this region killed more than 10,000 and caused extreme hardship. This storm is stronger. The good news is the Government of India is being proactive.

While we don't usually do worldwide coverage on this blog, I am going to cover this because of the potentially catastrophic nature of the event.

You can find additional information from AccuWeather here.


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