Turn Around, Don't Drown

KWCH TV reports the children are safe. They just reported this was a low water crossing bridge not a regular bridge. A viewer took a photo showing rapidly flowing water over the crossing less than a half-hour before the accident, which I have viewed.

From KWCH, here is an aerial shot of the bus on its side in rapidly flowing water. You can see the emergency exit door opened.

I'm posting this because it goes back to our advice Turn Around, Don't Drown. The area had more than 3 inches of rain in the last 48 hours (see below). The driver did not "turn around."

Please watch this very brief video of a driver who is perfectly safe, drives into what looks like shallow water, and nearly dies. 
Chris says had his car not buckled and the window broken he never would have been able to get out. 

This map is the 72-hr. rainfall with an arrow pointing to the bus accident location.
click to enlarge
The bus driver who may have broken his back and was submerged in water for a considerable time just landed after being airlifted to Wichita's Wesley Medical Center.

There are other areas where this could occur tonight with the torrential rains in Texas last night (24-hr. map). Lots of low water crossings.
If you encounter water across the road tonight or any other time: Turn Around, Don't Drown!


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